Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fun Road Side Sitings on the Byway

Happy Wednesday! Here are a few images of amusing things I've spotted on the side of the road on our Byway adventures. All of these were shot as we were speeding by, so forgive the poor quality of some of the photos. America is full of fun road side sites. What's your favorite road side siting?

Car lot - Pahrump, NV - December 2011

Art - Miami - December 2010
Route 80, Nevada - May 2011
Kites on the beach - Oregon coast, July 2010

Dinosaurs! - Thanksgiving Point, Utah - March 2011
God - Outside of Vegas, 2011.
Shoe tree wannabe - California to Arizona - 2011
Kings & Queens! Very sad bar/castle: Pittsburgh to Chambersburg Route 30 - September 2011

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