Monday, September 19, 2011

Casa Del Mar Hotel, Santa Monica - Leftover Cuties

If you are in LA, I recommend going to the Casa Del Mar hotel on the beach in Santa Monica right near the pier. It is a beautiful hotel, with an excellent lobby lounge. The atmosphere is great, the people watching is fun, they have good drinks and food (I've enjoyed the wine list and many of the lounge menu items - including awesome sushi), and they have excellent, free live music most nights. This is a good date place.

We stumbled upon this place back in February, staying with a friend in the area who suggested it as a place to get a drink. We were loving the space, food, company and music when suddenly the band started playing a song that we knew. That was when we realized that this band, The Leftover Cuties, was the band who does the theme song for the the Showtime series The Big C with Laura Linney. We love that show and the theme song is ingrained in my head. I had no idea who sang it and it was a surprise to discover that the band plays here most Friday nights for free. Think 40s, 50s light, fun jazz with a great singer, brushed drums, an upright bass, piano, accordion, ukelele. They've got two CDs and some singles - all good. I love them - and they are really fun to see live. You can check them out on iTunes or on their website at the link above.

We stopped in there again two Fridays ago when we were in Santa Monica for one night, to meet a friend and have a few drinks and see the band one more time before they were heading out for some east coast performances (NYC). We got prime seats on the couch right in front of the band, some wine and sushi, and it was another lovely evening at the Casa Del Mar. 

Casa Del Mar
1910 Ocean Way
Santa Monica, CA 90405

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