Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day at the Utah State Fair

I went to the Utah State Fair (and Demolition Derby) this past Sunday. Who wants to see some photos?

The Utah State Fair comes to Salt Lake City every September for about 10 days. My husband and I made this same trip to the Utah Fair and the derby last year, less than one week before our wedding (!) - which seemed crazy at the time, but we couldn't resist the opportunity. We had so much fun we had to do it again this year.

I love the fair. Who doesn't love a fair? County, state, town - they are all awesome to experience. I grew up in rural Pennsylvania and fairs are big there, as they are in a lot of agricultural places in the US. Going to the fair was like a right of passage as a young teen. You had to go and hang out at the fair with your friends. Even living in the urban DC area as an adult we used to go to the Montgomery County Fair (which is huge and pretty amazing). My Scenic Byway has a lifetime of memories of hanging out at the fair and I bet many of you do too.

Once again we got to the fair too late (Sunday was the last day) to see most of the animals - my favorite part of the fair - but even with most of the animals packed up and on their way home, the fair had all that other freaky goodness - awesome people watching, great bad food (fried pickles, cotton candy, caramel apples, funnel cake, etc.), rides, games, surprisingly good and hideously bad local arts and crafts, and lots of junk to buy (think toe rings, feather hair clips, kitchen gadgets you don't really need, bad t-shirts, and so on).

We missed the free KC & the Sunshine Band concert earlier in the week. Now for free I would have gone to see that. I love KC! Hearing that KC had played the Fair reminded me of other similar Fair acts I had seen in my youth including Leif Garrett, Rick Springfield and Peaches & Herb. We all know the Fair is a go-to spot for music from our pasts. Yes, the Fair does fun, cheesy acts really, really well.

This year I got many great photos during our day at the fair and here are a few for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! Demolition derby photos to come in a future post...

I call this one "Prison for Ponies." Horse slavery. 
That is a big bull. He was very sweet. 
My teeth are thanking me that I did not have one. 
I really think I want a bunny. 
Or a funny little pigeon. 
Ahhh....butter sculptures. I like how this woman blends in. 
Why yes, that is a giant Michael Jackson tattoo on the back of her thigh. 
Father Goose? Who doesn't love a big burly crazy guy who trains geese? 
Fried butter. Fried jelly beans. Exotic meats and bugs. Yuck.

The Fair, with SLC and mountains in the background.

From MSB 2010 visit to the Utah State Fair:

Who Doesn't Love Chickens?

Utah State Fair

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