Saturday, September 17, 2011

Flash Flood

A few days ago in the late afternoon, driving between Pioneertown and Barstow, California, the skies grew dark and it started to rain hard, and we found ourselves driving through a flash flood on and along side the road. The high desert area is prone to flash flooding if it gets a lot of hard, fast rain, due to the soil and washes in the area.

This was the first flash flood I have ever seen and experienced first hand. It was intense. Fortunately the rain passed quickly, we didn't have too far to drive through the flooded areas and the flooding was fairly small. I am grateful for that. From that small flood I could see first hand how scary something like that could become.

Nice little Byway experience and memory though, and I managed to snap a few photos in all the excitement. Do you have a flash flood experience?

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