Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ma Rouge Coffee House - Yucca Valley, CA

Its Sunday. So I feel I should write about coffee...

When we build our house in the Mojave Desert (hopefully next year, fingers crossed), while our closest town will be Pioneertown, the closest town that has more than a post office and Pappy & Harriet's bar will be Yucca Valley. Yucca Valley is a small (population of around 20,000), high desert town, with some basic necessity stores and businesses, but it doesn't seem to have much in the way of what I would consider good restaurants. Its full of fast food, chain places and little hole in the wall places. I am sure there are some hidden gems that we will discover when we are living there, and I look forward to finding those needles in the haystack. (If you have recommendations, please send them my way!)

Up until now I have been grateful that Yucca Valley has a Starbucks - not only for some good, strong coffee, but also free wireless internet and some decent food options. However, I am really happy to have discovered Ma Rouge Coffee House on our last trip out there - a groovy alternative, with good coffee and coffee house food, free internet and a relaxing coffee house environment with nice music and nice staff.

Ma Rouge opened in April 2011 in the space (an old Rexall drugstore) where Water Canyon used to reside. Those of you familiar with the area probably know and remember Water Canyon which was open from 1999 until 2009. By the time I started coming to Yucca Valley, it was closed.

Ma Rouge's food menu has quiches, salads, sandwiches and some pastries. We ate lunch their twice and breakfast once. I had some of the best quiche I have ever had, and a fantastic salad, all fresh and delicious. I loved the atmosphere. The salad I had at Ma Rouge was so fresh that I am certain they must have bought the produce next door at the Farm Fresh Express that sells organic locally sourced produce.

If you find yourself in the Yucca Valley area looking for a place to chill out with coffee, some food and wireless internet, check out Ma Rouge.

Open every day 7 am - 7 pm
Ma Rouge Coffee House
55844 29 Palms Highway
Yucca Valley, CA 92284
Tel: +1-760-365-4100

Check out their FB page and check out the Yelp reviews here.

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