Saturday, December 17, 2011

Art in the Family

Hanging at my sister-in-law's place is fun. Not only does she have a cool, artsy, funky, fun decorated house all year round, yesterday she had a holiday sale at her house to sell some of her and her family's crafts. She has a booth every summer at the Saturday Farmers Market in downtown SLC and she sells some of her stuff at some local boutiques year round. I took these photos yesterday when we stopped by to pick up some of her crafts for holiday gift giving. Most of these photos are of the things that are always in her house, many that she made, with a few pix of some of the things she is selling. She is a crafty one!

She finds old books and turns them into switch plates, notebooks and greeting cards.
On top of the tv.
Chairman Mao does Christmas in the kitchen.
The Colonel stands guard in the kitchen.
Non-PC antique boy scout handicrafts plus tiny Mormon missionaries and some of the switch plates she makes. 
Jesus, Mary and Buddha and some greeting cards for sale. 
This is just there in the house all the time - but we added the book. 
Fun animal plant holders for sale.
Flamingos in the back yard. 
My favorite painting in their home, plus some crafts for sale below.
She made that bust on the left.

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