Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Street Art Utopia

You know I love street art. Love it so much. I just found this link through a friend - from a site called Street Art Utopia.  The site's motto? We declare the world as our canvas. They have a list of what they refer to as "106 of the most beloved street art photos - Year 2011." Check it out. The stuff makes me want to weep with joy. Beautiful, clever, funny - this is why I love this stuff so much. I love that someone sees something on a random street, usually some small area of blight, and has this vision of something beautiful or humorous that fits there, and then goes and makes it happen. And then we all can enjoy it - collectively understanding the beauty or the humor. Something to make us stop and pause and admire and maybe giggle as we go about our busy day.

Everyone of course knows Banksy, but long before and long after him are all these equally talented (or more), lesser known artists, each with their own style - giant murals, posters, drawings, miniature sculptures, on and on. I never get tired of looking at these works of art.

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