Saturday, December 31, 2011

Death Valley

What a way to end the year, right? A visit to Death Valley. The death of 2011 and the birth of a new year. It seems fitting, doesn't it?

Earlier today we woke up at 5:30 am in Pahrump, NV (love that name and will write more about this place later) and drove to Death Valley. We watched the sun rise across the land, saw a coyote and wild horses. Drove around to see some sights before heading south to the Mojave.

It was my first visit to this wondrous place and certainly, hopefully not the last. I can't wait to return and see more. The place felt magical and was far more beautiful than I expected.

I am sitting here now, several hours south in Yucca Valley, visiting with friends, talking about new year's resolutions, listening to music, drinking wine in front of the fire and remembering the beauty from today. Beautiful images and memories to close out the year and ring in a new one.

Wishing you happiness, health, peace and love in the new year! P.S. Go see Death Valley!

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