Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I had to get up and have a 6:30 am conference call. Now I am taking a little break and feeling like I have ADD. Too much coffee and not enough sleep? My mind is racing with very random, very weird thoughts such as...

Paula Abdul was in my dream the other night. And this was before I watched four episodes of the X Factor that we had taped while on vacation, so I can't say "oh that is why she was in my head." I think its odd that she was in my dream. But now I can't recall why she was there or what she was doing. Dreams are weird. And the X Factor has become an annoying show. The inane bickering between the judges and the bad dialogue from the show's host. Which is why I love my DVR. I just fast forward through all the blah blah and watch the contestants perform. Even some of those we use the fast forward because I can't sit still and listen to people perform bad and/or boring songs.

I think its weird that I spotted Adrien Brody this year at Miami Art Basel...well actually, walking briskly down the street, given that I spotted him last year in the convention center and I hardly ever spot celebrities. I walk around too much in my own head to notice people like that. So that makes it all the more weird. I feel haunted by Adrien Brody. Has he even made any movies of late or is he too busy hobnobbing in Miami at fancy art parties? Wasn't his last film some really bad looking scifi/horror flick about creating a human alien thing that escapes and kills him? From the clips I saw, it did not look like a good movie. But I guess he needed to make it so he could get some money to buy art. I suppose I would do the same if it helped me buy the art I want.

A few days ago I was on the beach, in the sun. Now I am staring out my window at a grey cloudy sky and snowflakes. December in SLC. If only I were a skier...The fact that we can fly all over the world and change our environment so drastically is weird, isn't it? What really trips me out is when one day you are in a world, say somewhere hot and crazy in India, and then the next day you are in Salt Lake City in the winter. Bam! Talk about a weird physical and mental and emotional shift, within a day. I've done so many international trips like that where I am amazed at the shift. Its just weird.

Yesterday I had to get a biopsy on my thyroid. Try having someone inject novocaine into your throat - it burns like you wouldn't believe. And then inject like 8 long, not as thin as you had imagined, needles into your throat. Good times. And should you swallow during the process - oh man. The pain was not fun. The whole process was weird and stressful. At least I am not bruised so that it looks like someone tried to strangle me. I am hoping to hold on to this thyroid for the long haul.

Man I have a lot of stuff to do around the house and errands in my life and work for my job. I don't know how people with kids do it. I can barely do it for myself. Which reminds me I have another meeting. Back to focus and reality...weird.

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  1. I believe Adrien Brody's latest acting forays were those uber creepy Stella Atrois commercials.