Sunday, December 4, 2011

Top Ten at Art Basel Miami

This year was my second visit to Art Basel Miami and I loved it so much more than last year. I think the first time I was a little overwhelmed and not sure what to expect. This time I knew the ropes a little more. Plus we went a day early and were there for the first day, with the VIPs, which is a less crowded environment to view the art. And having three days to work your way through the Miami convention center makes it more possible to see all the art and to see it more than once and to really appreciate it more. Especially since they switch out art after the first day or two. Something I did not realize until this time.

My husband suggested that we find our top ten pieces of art at the show. That was a fun challenge. Spending hours and hours looking at art can be overwhelming, so tasking yourself with this little exercise helps you stay focused and really think about what you like. I realize I like a lot of different things. There is art I like and then there is art that I love. The art that hits you immediately, and you might not even be able to explain it other than to recognize a feeling. I call that art that I would hang on my walls. Art I would buy if I could. Art I dream about.

I still think a lot about my favorite piece of art from last year's show - Kehinde Wiley's Femme pique par un serpent. See the photo I took last year below. I don't know what it is about this piece. I love it. I like some of his other work, but not all of it. He had a piece at MAB this year, but I wasn't moved. This piece haunts me. I want this painting. I really, really want this painting. If I were to come into a lot of money, I would buy this painting. I recently tried to find out if it was still for sale and the price. I believe it is still available through a gallery. I couldn't get the exact price, but it seems his work can sell for up to $300,000. So, if you would kindly like to buy it for me, I would be forever grateful :).

Please buy me this painting! Kehinde Wiley - Femme pique par un serpent.

For this year, the top top piece that stuck with me, and that I want and that I dream of hanging on my wall is this. The artist, Pae White, is from LA. This work is from some kind of smoke series where she has captured images of smoke, digitally manipulated them and then had them woven into tapestry. Its quite striking. See more here. I want this and I would hang it on my wall. A large wall. A larger piece at MAB was priced at $95,000, so this one is less. Again, I would be ever so grateful if someone would buy this one for me :). It's beautiful isn't it? You should see it in person. Amazing.

Pai White

Below are the others in the top ten.  I definitely have a top 5. The rest I like, but not as much as the first 5. Enjoy the art.

A new favorite artist - Sadamasa Motonaga. Wow! I could have put several more of his paintings on this list, but I decided to try to mix it up.
Basquiat. There were several pieces there in different galleries. I love all of his work. 

Franz Ackermann.

I did not catch the artist's name. We are going to make this and hang it in the desert...
I liked this. Looks like coral from the bottom of the ocean but its made from buttons! All buttons!

A giant image made up of many small images made to look like a library. This piece was really amazing to look at and I couldn't capture it fully on the camera.

I liked both pieces, but especially liked the pile of black shiny shards up front. Another one that the camera couldn't really capture. It was very striking and very dangerous looking.

The video above - another example of something I can't capture adequately on the iPhone. You have to experience this art from Tony Oursler first hand. We saw similar pieces from this artist the year before too. Amazing, bizarre stuff. Love it.

Struggling to pick the 10th piece. In hindsight there were probably others I would have put ahead of this on my list, but I didn't get enough photos. Didn't catch the artist on this one.

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