Saturday, October 29, 2011

CIty Creek Canyon, Salt Lake City

A beautiful Autumn hike today, and I've found my newest favorite walking place in Salt Lake City. City Creek Canyon. I can't believe I've been in Salt Lake for a year and a half and I have never visited this place until today!

City Creek Canyon is a national forest and nature preserve with a trail that starts less than a mile from the Utah State Capitol and downtown SLC. You can enter the area from Memory Grove Park or Bonneville Boulevard.  There is a single paved road that goes up the Canyon 9 miles, accessible by foot or bike. The Canyon road is open for walking all the time (except bad weather). Bikes are only allowed on odd calendar days during the summer and then all days during the winter. A limited number of private vehicles with reservations is allowed on the road on some days of the year (even calendar days and holidays). Dogs are allowed on leash. There is a mountain stream that flows from the Canyon across Salt Lake City and into the Jordan River and emptying into the Great Salt Lake. The stream provides drinking water to parts of SLC.

There were no cars allowed on the road and no bikes today either. There were just a few other hikers and me. It was peaceful and beautiful and wonderful. I only went up part of the trail today. I can't wait to return and hike the whole road and to bike it too.

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