Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Scenic Byway

My husband rocks. He is romantic. And kind. And thoughtful. And an artist. If you know him, you already know this.

Yesterday out of the blue he asks me to come outside and feel how nice the weather was. I walk out on our front porch and find a wrapped package sitting there on the bench. This is completely unexpected. From the size of the package I think maybe he has framed one of his photographs.

I open up the package and find....

a Utah Scenic Byway road sign.

I find out he has spent a year trying to secure one of these for me because of this blog. He has called numerous people in the Utah Department of Transportation, the Convention and Visitors Bureau and other resources. He finally remembers seeing one of these signs in someone's yard years ago. He drives around until he finds the house and starts leaving notes for the owner asking them to call him about the sign. This apparently takes months before they connect. The gentleman is reluctant to part with the sign - who wouldn't be? However, he finally gives in. Paul won't tell me how much he paid the guy for this sign. I can't believe he has gone to all of this trouble to get me one of these - my own Scenic Byway sign for My Scenic Byway. Complete with bullet holes!

And not only did he secure the sign, he turned it into an art piece. He has been collecting beautiful plastic strings of beads (not the crappy cheap kind - these are good ones) over the years, in many different colors, to use for art projects. He found colors that matched the sign and wrapped them around a post for the sign so we can display it as you would a proper road sign. It has a native american kind of feel to it, don't you think?

For now its sitting in my office so I can stare at it as I work, but we will find a better place for it in our current home and can't wait to place it in the desert home we hope to have built by next year. It deserves a big, special space. Thank you Paul for sharing My Scenic Byway. xoxo

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