Thursday, October 6, 2011

Home Break

OMG it snowed today. Which would not be a problem except that it is only October 6th! I mean the leaves haven't even changed yet here. A few days ago we were still needing the air conditioning on and it was sunny and not even feeling like Fall yet. It is just a freak cold front/storm moving through and they expect the weekend to be sunny and in the 60s...but it was still weird to look out the window and see the rain turn into snow, and then stick to the trees, the roofs and some on the ground. I realize I live in Utah, but that is still weird for Utah. I don't live up in Park City or the higher elevations where they start getting frost and snow way early. It better be nice this weekend. I am looking forward to a nice, crisp Fall weekend with some scenic driving in the area to catch some Fall color changing. The colors are changing full on up in the higher elevations.

I haven't had time to blog because I just got back from vacation and have tons of work and life things to catch up on. But I have so much to write about and hope to get to that this weekend.

We were planning to be on the road again (!) down to the desert and San Diego, but thankfully that has been postponed. I love being on the road and it was going to be a fun trip, but its just too much travel on the Byway. I need some home time to sort myself out and reenergize for the next trip on the Byway. There is plenty of travel coming up for the rest of the year. Right now I just want to walk around my house, cook nice meals, catch up with friends, clean the house, enjoy the Fall around here, hang with my husband watching bad tv on the couch, and love my pets.

Working away today with my office buddy. File folders make for some good napping material...

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