Thursday, October 20, 2011

Desert Drive

Some of my all time favorite photos that I have taken. I shot these last Saturday late afternoon, driving from Pioneertown to Barstow, California as the sun was setting. I was in the passenger seat, daydreaming and looking out the window, when I noticed our car's shadow. I thought it might make a cool photo. Then I couldn't stop taking photos until the sun set behind the mountains and we lost the shadow. I have a whole series. What you are seeing is the shadow of our car, hitting the brush and sandy soil at the side of the road, while we are driving probably 60+ mph. The shifting light and landscape would change the shape of the shadow, making it look like we were driving in 20 different types of cars. Some of the shapes look like your classic flying saucer images (not included here). I love the light, the colors, the changing shapes, and movement you see in the images. I like these images so much that I might consider blowing some of them up and framing them. To me they represent the desert landscape, road trips, traveling My Scenic Byway...

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