Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bubble & Bee Organic

Recently I wrote about my latest obsession - to switch out all of my regular beauty, body, bath products and replace them with organic ones. Many people shared with me an interest in doing the same and a desire to know more about the products I find and like. So, I want to start reporting on some great stores and online shopping sites that I have identified and that have become very good resources for my effort.

The first store I want to highlight is a local Utah business called Bubble & Bee Organic. Don't despair. In addition to this being a local company with a local shop, you can buy everything on line.

I love this company. Great name (Bubble & Bee Organic - No Bad Stuff Ever!). Great products with fun packaging. And an interesting back story. Bubble & Bee was started by a local woman, Stephanie Greenwood, who with an interest and background in chemistry and the desire for organic products started cooking up her own creations. They have a certified organic processing facility and are certified USDA Organic. With a real interest in the chemistry behind beauty products, Bubble & Bee also runs a very informative website called Chemical of the Day.

From a photo on her website it looks as if Stephanie started selling her products at the SLC Downtown Farmer's Market. As she now has a shop in Bountiful, her products are on the shelves of local Whole Foods, and she seems to be doing a screaming internet business, I wonder if she will be there at the market this year (opening June 11 can't wait!)? The website has a list of stores and spas across the US selling their products and I expect that will grow.

I first stumbled upon their products at my local Whole Foods store last October. I was intrigued by the fact that they are a local company and tried one of their shower gels and loved it. I didn't try anything from them again until I recently saw The Glamorganic Goddess writing wonderful things about them. It was then I realized that this just isn't a little local Utah company anymore - their products are traveling far and wide via the internet. I have yet to visit the shop (which looks wonderful and I can't wait to check it out), but I recently bought some products on line.

Shower Gels: I am currently using and loving Fresh Organic Lavender Shower Gel. Feels great, smells good. I think i will probably stick to this as my daily shower soap.

Body Lotions: I am currently using and loving Coconut & Lime Body Butter. Shea butter. Smells like the beach. It will be one of the body lotions I will use (I don't always want to smell like coconut...but they do have other scents). I am also using one of their Lotion Sticks. The lotion stick is a cool idea and great for carrying around in your bag on the go.

Deodorants: I tried but stopped using the Pit Putty Natural Deodorant. It is in a stick form like regular deodorant, which is great, and it smells awesome (cloves), but I found it did not work well for me. It doesn't control odor the way I want it to and have learned that this is because it doesn't have any baking soda (some people are allergic). They have other brands with baking soda that I intend to try. Until then I've found another option from another company that I will write about in the future.

I highly recommend this store and their products. My experience with these products has been great and I love to support a local business AND this kind of business that supports organic products. So I will continue to shop at this store/site and will continue to use their products. Check out their shopping page on the web site because they have many other products available (including insect repellent...summer is coming just around the corner).

Stay tuned for more recommendations and happy organic shopping!

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  1. Hi Wendy! Thanks so much for the review! I just happened upon it today! Under our special deodorant replacement guarantee, let me get you another one to try that will work better for your body chemistry! E-mail me at stephanie [at] bubbleandbee.com!