Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Signs on the Byway (Nevada)

I like to photographs signs I see on the Byway. Little fragments of the places I've been or passed by. Memories. Think of how many people have gazed at these signs. What did these signs mean for them?

Love this. We found this sign as we crossed from Nevada back into Utah...of course we had to turn around to see it.

I want to know who put that truck up there!
Classic kind of motel signs you see all over the west. I like the "best-kept secret" and reference to food coupons.
Old former mining town on Route 50 - sad little gambling places everywhere.
Yes, the land of SHOW GIRLS!
Classic sign.
Old store window in one of the 3 towns on Route 50 across Nevada - Loneliest Road in America.
More gambling in another old mining town on Route 50. These towns knew better days.

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