Sunday, May 29, 2011

Desert House - Finding a Site

We spent a couple days last week walking our land in the California desert and trying to firm up a site to build a house. We think we might have it. We need the surveyor to come out and check all the property lines again. We need our building advisor to make sure the site landscape will work for building. And we need the dowser to come out and ensure we can find water close enough to where we want to build for a water well. Hoping to have that move forward in June. Making progress...

We hope to build our home on a site where we can see this view  - San Jacinto Mountain- from our roof deck.

Equipped for some digging and pole placing. Silly hats are unfortunately a necessity to keep out of the crazy sun.

Not a true ground breaking. Just placing some poles for possible sites for the house. Don't let this photo fool you - my husband did all the digging.
The desert still had some flowering going on including these stunning cacti flowers.

We found a snake. Is this a California King or Pacific Gopher snake? I am unsure - either way, thankfully both are harmless to humans.

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  1. Beautiful snake! Also, a beautiful view of Mt. San Jacinto! :-)
    ~Cheryl Ann~ (a neighbor across the valley in Palm Desert)