Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fly Away

Some say the end of the world is coming. That it will start on Saturday. We will be traveling the Byway again. So much to see in the world, isn't there? If the world ends, we will go down doing what we love and with the one we love. Hand in hand.

On Thursday we head to the Hoover Dam. Something amazing to see before the end - when ever that might be. Friday to Venice Beach/Santa Monica to see friends and attend an art show/auction. Friends. Art. Wonderful.

Saturday we will drive to San Diego to visit family. If the world does start its end - they say earthquakes will roll across the planet from the Pacific - you will find us there - with loved ones and two big wonderful dogs.

Monday we head to Pioneertown to walk our land in the desert, still searching for the perfect site to build a home. Then we might take a long route home to swing by Flagstaff, Arizona to see some friends and a new beautiful Byway. We will, of course, swing by the Grand Canyon. How could you drive by and not peek over the rim? I intend to share the sites and scenes along the way, so stay tuned...

So much beauty in this world. So much to see on the Scenic Byway. Here is wishing that each and every one of you chases that beauty and those Byways while they and we are still around. Burn it into our memories and our selves...

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