Saturday, May 7, 2011

Salt Lake City to Lake Tahoe

If you could see me right now you would see me beaming like a happy kid. I am sitting on the north shore of Lake Tahoe listening to the sound of a stream of water rushing into the lake, and Fleet Foxes' new album, and staring at pine trees. Endless endless pine trees that drop pine cones the size of my foot. The sky is blue and its going to be another beautiful day.

Yesterday My Scenic Byway took us from Salt Lake City to Tahoe - a 10 hour drive because we stopped a few times to check some things out. Route 80 west most of the way. You can take this route all the way to San Francisco and some day I plan to do that. And what a beautiful drive! I took more than 600 photographs yesterday just on the drive. 600!!! I saw so much beautiful post-worthy stuff I thought my head might explode. The Salt Flats in Utah, the beautiful vast nothingness in northern Nevada, and now Lake Tahoe on the Nevada, California border looking and feeling like your summer camp dream - giant lake surrounded by pines that scent the air, snow covered mountains in the distance, tiny villages with cabins and sandwich shops and kayak rentals...

I have many Byway scenes from this trip to write about (coming soon), but for now we need to get out and get around this gorgeous lake and up to Reno. So I will leave you with some scenes from yesterday's drive in Utah - sunrise as we drove west from Salt Lake past the Great Salt Lake and then into the Salt Flats. Gorgeous stuff. If you get a chance to see these places on your Byway...please do.

Not snow - salt.

Walking on Salt Flats.

Looks like ice but it is all salt...

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