Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy National Poetry Month - Long Winter

Today is the first day of April. And April is National Poetry Month. And Spring is here...the long winter is moving on. We had sunny, blue sky 60 degree temperatures here in SLC yesterday and birds are going crazy. So look at the beautiful poem I found for today at the Writers Almanac. Bliss.

Long Winter

So much I've forgotten
the grass

the birds
the close insects

the shoot—the drip
the spray of the sprinkler

the heat of the Sun

the impossible

the flush of your face
so much

the high noon
the high grass

the patio ice cubes
the barbeque

the buzz of them—
the insects

the weeds—the dear
—that grow

like alien life forms—
all Dr. Suessy and odd—

here we go again¬
we are turning around

again—this will all
happen over again—

and again—it will
"Long Winter" by Timothy J. Nolan. Reprinted with permission of the author.

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