Sunday, April 3, 2011

Make Every Moment Count has been two weeks since my old cat, my Mr. Kitty, went into the emergency animal hospital. When we brought him home two weeks ago from the hospital, we thought for sure we were watching his last moments. He was so weak and his eyes were not the same and I sat with him and cried. That first night he was home, we really did not believe he would be alive in the morning. But miraculously he pulled through. The next morning he got up and drank some water and then he started to eat and he got better. He has changed. He is older and different than before he went into the hospital. The vet thinks that in addition to the diabetes he has had for several years, his kidneys are failing and he has cancer. The vet said he was surprised that he lived given how bad he was when he came into the hospital. But man, he must be a tough old man, because he did make it. Isn't it amazing when that happens? I am so grateful that he is better and not in pain and I can spend a little more time with him. We don't know how much time. Could be today. Could be tomorrow. Could be in a few weeks or a few months. We watch and wait. But now that I know we are near the end, I make every moment count while we are waiting. I don't take it for granted. I feel like this is a lesson to remind me to make every moment count for all the people I love in my life.

He is sleeping here in my home office with me as I write this, and I love that.

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