Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Well is Dry...for the moment

I've been blogging now for 8 months. 360 posts. That's an average of 45 posts a month.

But not this month. This month I've only written about half of that, and many of this month's posts have been other people's poems - to celebrate National Poetry Month.

I always seem to have a lot I want to share - thoughts, photographs, travel recommendations, references for others' work. But the well feels dry for the moment. And I am not quite sure why.

I keep a list of things I want to blog about but haven't yet had the chance to - so I am not devoid of ideas. For example:  my leech experience in Nepal; a company called Born in Love; a review of organic beauty products I've been trying; some restaurant reviews in DC; numerous hotel reviews that I promised myself I would write; a follow up on my research on olive oils; my memories of summer camp; Disney's Club 33; the solar decathalon; etc.

But I just haven't felt motivated to write about these things. Typically when I write a blog entry it is something that is burning at the front of my brain that day. I want to write about it. And I sit down very focused and it spills out. Even being really busy I am able to produce. But lately I've been really busy and not able to produce.

We were going to go out to the desert this past week, but for various reasons we postponed our trip. Perhaps that road trip would have motivated me to write - road trips usually do. Lots of experiences and photographs. I am headed out to Reno soon, so that road trip will no doubt result in things to share. Stay tuned...

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