Saturday, April 2, 2011

Squirrel Week

I miss the Washington Post. Sure I can read it online, but it is not the same as having it delivered to your front door, holding it in your hand, reading it in the morning with coffee before you head out the door.

This Post that I love is running Squirrel Week! Yes, an entire week's worth of columns about squirrels. Starting with "Where did DC's black squirrels come from?" I love squirrels. They have provided me with a lot of entertainment over the years. And I have always loved the black squirrel phenomenon. I used to have a number of black squirrels living in my yard in Takoma Park. I actually already know the history of how the black squirrels came to the DC area because I read about it years ago. It is interesting. If you want to know the history, read it here.

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