Friday, April 8, 2011

Poetry for the Byway

Where ever your Byway takes you this safe and enjoy every minute of it. xo

Six Days on the Road

When I was young and searching for my life,
I climbed into the cab of a semi.
The Aussie trucker pointed with his thumb
to the compartment behind him.
Get some sleep. I don't remember
if he was old or young.
His face was so plain
it left no impression.

I climbed into the narrow space,
closed my eyes, my body vibrating
to the hum of eighteen rolling tires.
Hours later, when I woke, the dashboard
glowed like a field of lightning bugs.
I flipped through his eight-tracks,
surprised to find familiar songs - Johnny Cash,
Willie and Waylon.
We sang Six Days on the Road,
over and over.

He taught me what it's like to keep moving.
Towns flew by our windows,
stoplights, billboards, traffic signs
became a blur. On the open road,
miles of white line and fence
separated gravel from the grass. 
"Six Days on the Road" by Ann Campanella from Young and Ripe. © Main Street Rag Publishing Company, 2009. Reprinted with permission.
Courtesy of the Writers Almanac...go Public Radio!

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