Monday, April 4, 2011

Last Week on My Scenic Byway: March 28 - April 3

Scenes:  Snow in April. A lot of work. Hanging in my clean, newly organized home office. Spring cleaning. The dentist. The podiatrist. I guess growing old means more malfunctions and more maintenance...sigh. REI - my shopping mecca these days. Cat care.
Ingesting: Poems, poems, poemsExit through the Gift Shop - finally saw the end of it. I really loved this film. An Education - was ok. I am surprised it was nominated for best picture oscar (2009). Leftover Cuties. Klimek. The Dharohar Project. More Mumford & Sons.
Loving: My new desk. Bird watching out my window. National Poetry Month. Squirrel Week! Electrelane - The Valleys.

Memories: I missed my grandmother. I wish she could have been around a lot longer to experience some things. I wish I had had my father around when I was growing up.
Intrigues: Food Renegade. I learned that Agave Nectar is not good for you.
Desires: Balance living in the moment and good planning. Cherish. Love. Erase fear. Love myself. Go camping.

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