Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Technical Difficulties with the Poems

I am sorry if you have not been able to read the poems I have been posting on My Scenic Byway this month, in honor of National Poetry Month and very much promoting The Writer's Almanac. A few friends have informed me that all they see are squiggly lines where the poems should be. I did not understand this because I could never see this with my Mac and some other friends told me they had no problems viewing the poems. I assumed perhaps it was an iPad issue since the first time I heard about it, it was from an iPad user. However, I jsut checked the site from a Dell PC here at work and I finally saw the infamous squiggly lines. It must have something to do with the software you have and ability to view graphic programs. It is also probably because I cut and paste all of those poems directly from The Writers Almanc and when I do that they come in text box like settings. I don't know if that is something they set up to protect people, like me, from cutting and copying? Is what I am doing wrong? Every time I have copied and shared a poem I have always kept the author's name and have plugged the source - The Writers Almanc - and provided the link to take you directly to that. I would not steal someone's writing. I always give reference. I only want to promote and share people's beautiful work.

I am sorry if you have not been able to read the poems. I am going to fix these entries somehow so you won't have this problem. Please check back soon for the fix. Thanks!

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