Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beach BBQ - Liberia Style - VDay 2009

Tomorrow is Valentines I was remembering Valentines Days in the past. Here I am, two years ago on Valentine's sunny Liberia. Not exactly a romantic day that year. But it was fun.

Me in a traditional boat. Such a dumb pose. But I wish my arms were still looking like that...the result of many push ups in the crazy, but fantastic crossfit training I was doing at the time...sigh...I want those arms back! And those stomach muscles.
I was there in Liberia to collect information to write a proposal for a new energy project that was coming...which I am pleased and proud to say that now two years later we finally won and are implementing. In the midst of the work, it was a Sunday and the people I knew were doing what they often do on Sundays - heading to the beach for a cookout. So I joined them for what was probably my only day off on that trip. There isn't a whole lot to do in Liberia for a social life. So we drove about an hour or more south down the coast to some stretch of beach known to some of my friends. There was nothing out there, but a shack where someone stays and watches over the deserted beach front property. The water is way too rough for swimming, but we splashed around in the surf. We drank beer and had a BBQ. I remember the company being fun and the food being good, but I also remember not too long after eating having sudden, massive digestive problems - oh the joys of careless eating in a place like Liberia. Other than that, it was a fun day and it is a good memory from the Byway.

Beach BBQ - Liberia Style

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