Monday, February 21, 2011

Pinkberry - Better than Birthday Cake

Happy birthday to me. Better than birthday cake. For real.

Since moving to SLC, I've become obsessed with frozen yogurt. It is starting to hit big in the Washington, DC area, but its been fairly new. Unlike on the West Coast, where they caught on long before the east, to the beauty of frozen yogurt. With fresh fruit and other toppings. This is not your TCBY. This is gourmet frozen yogurt. I am not a dessert person, but I have always loved ice cream, but now this is so much better to me than any ice cream. Ice cream seems too sweet these days. And I am not a big fan of cake, so this is way better than birthday cake!

In SLC we have LunaBerry, JuicyBerry, Red Mango, Spoon, Top It, Yoway, and more. But my husband has always raved about Pinkberry from his LA days. And there are no Pinkberrys in SLC, but there are many of them in the LA area. So going to Pinkberry during our LA visit was a big deal. Full from breakfast or not, we were going there today before we headed out of town to Palm Springs. Which we did. And it was awesome. Similar to our places in SLC, but Pinkberry has different, good flavors and the best toppings I've seen. Chopped up blood red oranges are their latest thing. Awesome. And they have dark chocolate covered crisps (seen here). Love it. The places in SLC could take a lesson or two from this place for its toppings. They have 100 locations now. You can find them in many places in California and Florida, in NYC and a number of other places. To my DC friends, they are apparently opening one in Dupont Circle soon, so take my advice and check it out. I will be heading there again on Saturday before we leave the LA area.

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