Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Earlier I posted about a lovely little note someone found in their yard. That reminded me of Found Magazine. I want you to know about this if you do not. It has been one of my favorite websites for years.

The purpose of Found is to serve as a repository of found items - photos, letters, notes, to do lists, drawings - anything anyone may have picked up off the street or out of their yard or found in a book - anything FOUND. Isn't that awesome? Haven't you ever found an old letter or note or a photo some place random and been fascinated by it? Wondering where it came from? Who wrote it? What happened? Well, if you are like me, you don't seem to find too many of these things that often, so this website can help you get your fix. Thousands and thousands of items from all over the world.

Found started as a magazine back in 2001. I don't know when they started the website, but I've been visiting it for many years. I think the magazines would be fun to have, but I haven't seen them in stores...but then again I don't frequent cool little zine stores. The website does tell you where you can find them. They have some cool books and I own two of them - in fact I think I learned about Found from those books even before they had the website. They even have a "Dirty Found" version of the magazine where they include "dirty" notes and photos that have been found.

So, why do I love this so much? I guess the whole idea of it hits on many things - a kind of voyeurism, the humor (because a lot of it is funny), a peek into the world of others - and then recognizing the humanity that connects all of us. Letters of love, despair, heartache, joy...dumb little lists and doodles....old, dated photos of people living life - we can relate to all of these words and images and actions. And there is something beautiful and familiar and reassuring about it.

Look at my blog here. I named it My Scenic Byway and my intention is to capture moments, feelings, actions, photographs (scenes) along life. I see the synergies with something like Found. Is blogging not connected with voyeurism? We pour our insides out on these pages - like an open journal for the world to see. And the readers peer in and check it out. It is similar to walking down the street, seeing a piece of paper and picking it up and reading it - the words and feelings and actions of someone else. Just an interesting thought...

Having looked at many of the Found items,  there have been letters and photos that have made me laugh out loud, then letters that have made me sad and actually cry (the Found books often have very long found letters). Some notes are odd and crazy. If you check out the site and scroll through the Found items of the day I guarantee you will find one or more that make you laugh, and as you read more you will find yourself reflecting on the words and the emotions behind those words - life, love, friendships, dreams. And that is why I love Found so much.

Check it out. And enjoy!

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