Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts while not feeling well, lying in bed half asleep listening to Pandora's Ambient radio station...
  • Could I have gotten sick from the massage I got on Saturday evening? Can massages make you sick maybe pushing all the toxins out of your body? Or maybe the massage therapist was sick and passed it on to me?
  • Does the cat drink out of my water glass that is next to my bed when I am asleep? Should I worry about that?
  • What if cats are really ancient aliens that have infiltrated our world, lying in wait for their mother ships to return? If they do return, will they cut me some slack given all that I've done taking care of my two rugrats for the past 15+ years?
  • Do vitamins really work?
  • If I eat a lot of pickles can that kind of be considered as getting a portion of vegetables?
  • How much is too much salsa to eat in a week?
Can you see how my mind works?

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