Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Dead Presidents...and to ME

Lucky me. President's Day falls this year on Monday, February 21, which means today is a holiday from work. Lucky me that it also happens to be my birthday which means for once I get a birthday on a holiday day. We have been celebrating in the Los Angeles area since Friday. First night Venice Beach. Second night Santa Monica. Last night in Laurel Canyon. It has been a whirlwind weekend of brunches, lunches and dinners meeting four couples and another friend - long time dear friends of my husband's some of whom I had not yet met. A wonderful group of people. So wonderful to meet them and finally put faces with names. So nice to visit their homes and hang out. So much fun to hear the stories of the gang's past adventures and misadventures. And so interesting to learn about their careers in the film and television industry - producers, editors, agents, locaters, etc. - something so strange and new to me. Today we leave town and head to Palm Springs. I am looking forward to it being warmer has been chillier here than usual, although the air has been wonderful. Fabulous birthday celebration...

I haven't had time to take or download more LA photos...but I do have some photos that I love and want to post from a recent winter hike at Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City. I took my husband on a Friday date that started with a hike in the garden where we got married, and ended up at a local French restaurant we wanted to try, reminiscent of part of our honeymoon in Paris. Taking your partner on regular dates and adventures is an idea that I highly recommend. The landscape was wintery and beautiful. Someone had sprinkled fresh red rose petals across an icy pond. At the end of our hike as the sun was setting we saw probably 100 quail come out to feed on dropped berries from a tree. I wish I had been able to capture photos of that moment because it was amazing. I did not want it to end. Quail are the cutest birds around. I love that we have them out here in the west.  Happy Monday, Happy President's Day and Happy Birthday to my fellow birthday people out there...

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  1. Happy Birthday! Your weekend travels sound incredibly fun! Have fun in Palm Springs!