Monday, February 28, 2011

Last Week (2 weeks) on My Scenic Byway: Feb 14-27

I was so busy with work and then taking off on vacation that I missed the entry last Monday, so here are the last two weeks on the Byway...

Scenes:  Insane amount of work, but then VACATION. Why does work always seem to pile up before you are preparing to leave on a vacation? That happens to me all the time. My birthdayLos Angeles. Venice BeachSanta Monica. Hollywood. Palm Springs. The desert. Pioneertown. Disneyland. Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach. Driving around LA in a convertible - of course. Visiting friends.
Ingesting: The Dome by Stephen King - all 1000+ pages of it. The Oscars - even though they were kind of boring. Fabulous dinner at Club 33. Fabulous home cooked meals at friend's homes. Pinkberry. American Idol...I can't help myself.
Loving: Back to the Future. I loooove this. Photos from childhood recreated as adults. Incredible. Pinkberry. Modern Family - man oh man I love this show sooo much! Raising Hope - just started watching this and it is pretty funny. I love that Martha Plimpton. Michael Whalen. The music is better than his videos. The Leftover Cuties.

Memories: Going to Disney World as a child and later in my 20s for a crazy energy conference. My grandparents.
Intrigues: More crazy Scientology...wowClub 33. James Franco doing General Hospital. Etsy. Banksy and Exit Through the Gift Shop. The Book Surgeon.
Desires: Same old thing: eat healthy, get back in shape, lose some weight. Massages. A pedicure. Magic fairies to come and clean the house. To see the remaining Oscar films I haven't seen - Social Network, The Fighter, Winters Bone. I wish we had a Pinkberry in SLC. Bedding like we had at the Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs.

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