Friday, March 4, 2011

Dental Drama

On September 15 last year, I had to have a tooth extracted. Here - click on this link to learn the background. Now, March 3, six months and $3,500+ later, my implant is finally finished! Yes, it takes that long and that much money to get an implant. Insurance will cover some of it, but not much. It is insane.

My dentist (he finished the implant process but did not do the extraction - that is a specialist who is supposed to do that kind of work) is over the mountain in Park City, about a 20 minute drive. Park City is a different world than SLC. They are at a higher altitude so they get more snow. The Whole Foods is a lot fancier. Everyone drives big SUVs. The Starbucks is always full of people who look more like they just flew in from Washington, DC more so than Utah. It is a resort town. It is where they hold the Sundance Film Festival. It is just very different from the rest of Utah.

My dentist there is super nice and does a great job. He's been my husband's dentist for years. Yesterday during my appointment he and his assistant regaled me with dental horror stories of getting calls off hours from skiers who had their teeth knocked out. Or the young girl who walked into a truck and broke all of her top teeth. All of them. Or my personal favorite, the kid who got his newly grown in front teeth hooked around the mesh "window" in one of those kiddie bounces and then ripped out during the bounce. Nice. Did you know that sometimes teeth will be knocked out root and all and that such teeth can sometimes be put back in and they will just reattach? To be fair I was egging them on to share their best dental drama stories. It was like the time we asked our neighbors, she an OBGYN and he an Emergency Room nurse, to share with us their most gruesome stories. I can't write about those here. Trust me. You do not want to know.

Seriously if you need a good recommendation for a dentist in either Washington, DC or Salt Lake City, I'm your girl. Just drop me a line and I can share the details. In spite of always taking care of my teeth, I have always had teeth problems (its genetics folks) which have required fillings, root canals, crowns and now implants that are too many to count. So, believe me, I have had a lot of experience with dentists. A good one is worth their weight in gold and I have a good one each in both places.

Now if I could just find a good general doctor, OBGYN, and dermatologist here in SLC...

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