Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poolside from Palm Springs - Find me in the Shag Room at the Del Marcos Hotel

We are back in Palm Springs again, just for a quick night stop over on our way to Pioneertown. We got up at 5 am and drove 10 hours - well Paul drove and I worked (love the Verizon wireless internet device...it allows me to take my job anywhere!). This time Palm Springs is about 20 degrees warmer and I am cursing myself for forgetting a bathing suit as I am writing this by a swimming pool and sweating in my t-shirt (and its 5:30 pm).

Last time we stayed at The Viceroy, which was awesome. Tonight we are trying the Del Marcos Hotel. In the Shag Room. Yes, that is the name of our room. The Del Marcos Hotel was built in 1947 by the architect William F. Cody. Retro architecture and design. So far I love this hotel and would recommend it, just like the Viceroy. They are different. Both hotels are in the historic hotel and shopping district of central Palm Spring. We are just a few doors down from the Viceroy. The Viceroy is larger and higher end. The Del Marcos hotel is small and  boutique as well, but not as trendy as the Viceroy. The Viceroy has a spa and a bar and restaurant. This hotel does not. This hotel only has one small pool, but it is cozy and in some ways I think I like this place better. It is just more mellow. You can come here with friends and really take over the space. I think there are only 17 rooms.

As I write this I am staring at the San Jacinto mountains to my left. The pool is in front of me and a guy is floating around telling us the water is fantastic. My room is just to the right. We have sliding glass doors that open up to the pool. They are playing Frank Sinatra on speakers. I am surrounded by palm trees. I've got my husband here. I've got a refreshing drink.  And I am sharing this with you. Life is good. Stay here.

Ok...this is an update after spending the night. I still like this place and I recommend it as a fun, less expensive place to stay as compared to the Viceroy. And I found out some of the rooms here have kitchens, which can be convenient. However, the bed in our room was not that great. The kind of bed where there is a sag in the middle so with two people you both roll into the dip and you wake up with a sore back. The beds, and the bedding, at the Viceroy, however, were unbelievably comfortable and luxurious. All I wanted to do was stay in bed at that place. In fact I wrote down the name of the sheets thinking I might have to buy some of them someday. So, if you are big on beds and bedding, the Viceroy beats out this place. But the Viceroy is also way more expensive than this place, so keep that in mind.

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