Monday, March 14, 2011

Last Week on My Scenic Byway: March 7 - 13

Another pretty mellow week...but tonight or tomorrow we head for the desert - Palm Springs, Pioneertown and then Santa Barbara wine country to visit some friends, so stay tuned...
Scenes:  SNOW. Once again, a lot of work. Back to the dentist for more dental drama. Domestic stuff - house cleaning, organizing, hanging curtains, moving furniture...its Spring so its time for those kinds of things.
Ingesting: Finally got to this restaurant in SLC I've been wanting to check out - The Copper Onion. And it rocked. I highly recommend this place to those who live here or those visiting. Sit at the counter overlooking the kitchen. You can chat with the chef and his crew. Great food. Great wine list. And right next door to the arty movie house so you can easily do dinner and a movie. Frozen yoghurt - but not as good as Pinkberry. Millcreek Olive Oil. Lots of good home cooked meals. Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. Informative and way disturbing. Corn rules the world and your body. You, my friend, are a walking piece of corn. Watched more Breaking wow wow what a great show.
Loving: The 20+ CDs I just copied from the public library. I think I know have almost the entire Elvis Costello is quite large. John Downer Wildlife Photographer.

Memories: I've been hearing music from the early to mid 90's and seeing old photos from that time ad remembering that whole time - the clothes, the music, the tv, the world events, my time at Cornell, and what was going on with my and my friends. It is so weird to remember back to that time. It was not a very happy time for me but it does have a lot of good memories. The San Diego Zoo. I am remembering a lot of dreams again and a common theme seems to be me having to perform - did I write last week about the Grease dream? Where I was suddenly called in to perform in some small town production of Grease? I am not quite sure where these kinds of dreams are coming from...
Intrigues: Inside it was a kind of dark scene...lots of contemplating and deep thoughts about life, love, happinessThe freak that is Gadhafi. Spy Cams for Polar Bears - this is an amazing story with some amazing footage. NYC Charter School experiment - could there be some hope for our school system?
Desires: I need to kick up the work outs. Big time. I want to watch The Wire. Never seen it and can't wait to watch the whole series. I am planning a work trip to DC in April and I can't wait to see all of my friends and visit some of my favorite old haunts and catch the tail end of the Cherry Blossoms. Looking forward to this week on the road and visiting the desert.

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