Friday, March 11, 2011

Zoo Love - San Diego Zoo

At the end of December 2009/new years eve, my husband took me for my first trip to San Diego, where he took me to the zoo (because I love animals), where we saw Avatar in 3-D (because it was out at that time), and where we went out to a big fancy dinner on new year's eve (because at midnight he proposed to me). :)

Do like zoos? For animal lovers like me I highly recommend the San Diego Zoo. I don't just like it because it reminds me of my romantic new year's eve trip to San Diego where my husband proposed, but also because it is a pretty great zoo. It is well worth a visit if your Byway takes you to San Diego. Like many attractions, the zoo is not cheap - ticket prices vary, but to start adults are like $40 and up and children are $30 and up. We paid extra for some kind of fast pass that allowed us to jump some lines for some things, which was useful. Coming from DC where the zoo (and museums and other sites) is free, the prices are quite shocking, but that money obviously goes towards making this zoo a better place for animals and visitors. As always, I recommend going on a week day when most kids are in school and most adults are working. It makes for a less hectic environment. Here are some photos from my day at the zoo. I am looking forward to visiting again some day.

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