Monday, March 28, 2011

Last Week on My Scenic Byway: March 21 - 27

Actually covering both the week of March 14 - 20 and March 21 - 27...
Scenes:  Palm Springs. 29 Palms. Desert. Santa Clarita. Summerland. Santa Barbara. Los Olivos. Animal hospital. Losing pets. Trying to save someone's pet. Having friends over for dinner. Spring snow. Holi happened in Spanish Fork, but I could not make it (very sad) because I had to watch over my sick kitty.
Ingesting: Date shakes. Pinkberry. California Central Coast wines! La Super Rica Taqueria - fantastic. Arch Rock Fish - again fantastic. Mumford and Sons. Date Night. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (I enjoyed this silly movie). Tabitha's Salon Take Over (oh some seriously good bad tv. i love this take no shit woman whose plastic surgery makes her look like some kind of non-human elf or pixie and who tells people to take responsibility and clean up their salons). Nepali food at Himalayan Kitchen.
Loving: California Central Coast wines! My kitty. Tanfastic. The baby zebra at the petting zoo. Our new bird feeder outside my office window.

Memories: Mount Holyoke College days - wearing bad clothing of the 1980s and drinking really bad wine. The 15+ years my Mr. Kitty has been in my life.
Intrigues: Old abandoned buildings. Off grid living. Gadhafi's Amazonian Guard. How when we go out to dinner in Palm Springs I realize that we are among the younger in the place...because of all of the retirees there. Typically when we go out I am conscious that we are the older ones in the crowd, but not here...
Desires: A Trader Joes in SLC - oh TJ I miss you so much! It is no fun to have to go to Vegas or Palm Springs to partake of your wonderful and inexpensive sauces and wines. To see Priscilla Queen of the Desert on Broadway, even thought it is getting not very good reviews. To see The Book of Mormon, also on Broadway, but getting better reviews, although it might offend some.  My old and sick cat to pass on peacefully.

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