Sunday, March 13, 2011

For a Good Laugh

Our daily lives are full of a lot of not so fun or funny things. In addition to our own daily goings on, we are exposed to a lot of news from around the world and a lot of it is not very much fun. I think it is important to read the news (note I said read, not listen...I believe in NPR and the BBC, but I don't give much credit to other "news" on the radio and even less credit to the "news" on the TV), but I think it is also important to take some time to read things that less intense and real and more fun and funny. I like comedy and I like a good laugh. Facebook helps. I find a lot of funny videos or articles from friends, and if you are one of my FB friends you know that I post and repost a lot of what I believe to be funny and/or ridiculous stuff.

In the interest of spreading the funny around, I want to share just a few websites that I review often for some laughs. Over time these have been some of my best go-to sites for a good time. I realize comedic taste varies. Also, just like any comedian or any comedy, these sites can be hit or miss. Some days they come out with something that is worthy of a lot of laughs, and of sharing, other days, not so much. Anyway, I hope that sometime when you need a good laugh, you might find it on one of these sites.

Awkward Family Photos. The title says it all. Bad family photos. We all can relate. You could consider this one as mean, but since most of the people send these photos in themselves, they are in on the joke and happy to share their awkwardness with others. So, to me that makes it even more fun to look.

Cracked. I just discovered this site recently. I don't find it consistently interesting or funny, but there is a lot of wacky and interesting and yes, funny, stuff there. They create a lot of lists such as "5 amazing things invented by Donald Duck" and "6 things from history everyone pictures incorrectly" that are factually based and designed to be funny and often dumb.

Found. I wrote about Found before. It has been a favorite for a long time. This one can be funny and a lot more.

The Onion. I can't believe everyone I know does not know about this. I think The Onion was the first funny website I ever knew about. It has been around for a long time and you can read it online and also pick up its free newspaper if you live in a major city. I used to read it in Washington, DC. It is America's first real fake newspaper. Articles meant to sounds like real news, but totally fake and often hilarious. This American Life (love true love) did a recent story about The Onion - a look into their process for selecting and writing stories. It was really enjoyable and I recommend a listen if you are an Onion fan.

Eject. This is a blog from a Canadian woman - wife and mother - named Kelly Oxford. She is quite harsh and crass (not for the kiddies) and tells it like it is on a lot of things. Sometimes I find her blog entries hysterical. She has quite a following.

Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like. For those in my line of work, a hysterical site making fun of that whole world/culture. Along the lines of Stuff White People Like.

Do you have any recommendations of other sites that I should be visiting for some laughs?

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