Saturday, December 25, 2010

Driving from Pioneertown to San Diego in Late December

The last week of December, a year ago. Dusk. My first drive from Pioneertown, CA to San Diego, CA. We had just spent the day visiting Paul's 40 acres in the desert near Joshua Tree. A place that has been home to him on and off for 20 years. It was my first visit to see this world that I will share. We found a beautiful twig from the desert ground and placed it on our dashboard for the drive to San Diego. You can see it in these shots I took, along with the head lights from the cars up ahead. I have always loved these shots - there are many more - and I wanted to share them now because they feel very festive and Christmas-y. And it was just about this time last year when I experienced this scene on the byway.

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