Sunday, December 12, 2010


I love traveling, especially for vacation, but there is nothing like coming home. Dropping your bags. Putting on clean clothes. Sitting in front of the fireplace on the big cozy couch eating great pizza from the local shop. Loving your pets. Using your own shower with your favorite bath products. Sleeping in your own bed. Waking up to the sounds of your husband making coffee and breakfast the way you like it in your kitchen. I love being home.

I am feeling especially grateful to be home loving my pets, even more than usual, because earlier this week I thought that right now I would be writing a farewell send off for my old cat, Mr. Kitty. But thankfully the universe has decided he should be with us awhile longer. 

While on vacation we got a call from our friend McKade, who was watching the house and the cats, because the cat was having a seizure. I could hear the cat in the background and it was not a pretty sound. Poor McKade had to rush him to the animal hospital. Thankfully we have one close by. We used it recently in a similar situation. The day after my wedding, and the day before we were leaving on our honeymoon the cat had had a seizure as well. (Why does the cat choose to have seizures at really bad times?) Nothing like that stressful run to the emergency room when you are wondering if your beloved pet is going to die right there in the car. Or in this case, sitting by the pool in sunny Mexico feeling guilty as hell waiting for the call back from McKade that he might be dead. Having a diabetic cat I had the emergency animal hospital run once in DC and now twice here in Utah. And watching an animal, your beloved pet, have a seizure is really no fun. Whereas the earlier seizure after the wedding was nothing, this time it was serious. His insulin levels were way off. His body has changed and it turns out we were now giving him too much insulin. When you realize that you may have caused your cat's seizure from giving him too much insulin, and that your pet is on oxygen and an IV - little kitty life support - it is very stressful. As he is so old you worry about a seizure like this giving him brain damage, or blinding him. Fortunately he seems to be ok now. He had to spend the night in the hospital with lots of tests but he is home now. I couldn't wait to get home and give him some love and thank him for not dying before I could get home. He is old and crabby, but he is still my kitty. I got him from an animal shelter in Ithaca, NY more than 15 years ago as a little kitten and he is still my fuzzy little bunny. He is part of home.

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