Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Week on My Scenic Byway: Dec 6-12

Scenes: More Cancun. More pool, ocean, beach, sun, sleep, reading, family. My husband teaching me to boogie board. Flying home.
Ingesting: Sunscreen. Blue ocean. Blue sky. More bad vacation “beachy” drinks than you can count: Rum & Coke; Long Island Iced Teas; White Russians; Strawberry chichis (what?? My husband asks for this… I have never heard of it before. The bartender knew what it is. It makes me think of Charo, but it tastes sweet and good.); Bob Marleys (some old Russian man turns us on to these – another sweet drink – looks like those red, white and blue popsicles you would eat as a kid and tastes like one too). The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest – finally I got to read Stieg Larsson’s final book in the trilogy. I am sad he won't be able to write more. Bad movies - Eat, Pray, Love; the Expendables. Both bad, just in different ways. Five weeks of taped Glee episodes (the show really annoys me now, yet I still watch...not sure for how long. Gwyneth Paltrow was a breath of fresh air).
Loving: I love how everyone comes out with their "best of" lists at the end of the year. Here is one. The Best (and Worst) Films of the Year. Many films to catch. Isabella Rosselini's Green Porno series. Check out the one on Noah's Ark. They are all very, very bizarre.

Memories: Past family vacations in Cancun. The first apartment I ever rented (with Trish and Val) in DC on Corcoran Street. This memory brought on by thinking about whirlpool tubs (there is one in our hotel room) as there was one in that apartment. We only had two bedrooms so every 4 months one of us got the single room while the other two shared the second bedroom. Good times.
Intrigues: Climate change (COP) conference in Cancun (my colleagues were there on business while I was at the beach :). Wikileaks scandal. Continuing Bernie Madoff scandal - his son committing suicide. Wesley Snipes going to jail for tax evasion (I love him for Blade - best kick ass vampire movie ever). USAID actions against AED (my former employer) - WOW. I know of the project involved. I know the people involved. It is freaking me out.
Desires: New iPhone. Cut back on my vices. Bring yoga back into my life. Cowboy boots.

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