Monday, December 6, 2010

Last Week on My Scenic Byway: Nov 29 - Dec 5

I've decided to try something. A regular weekly blog entry, just a summary of the week. Not a repeat of what I posted, but rather a capturing of scenes, things, thoughts from the previous week - the outside and the inside. A nice way to reflect and organize and process.

Scenes: SLC. Red Eye to Miami. Airports. Miami Beach Art Basel. Cancun. Family. Pool. Ocean. Beach. Sun. Sleep.
Ingesting: Art. People at Art Basel. The ocean. Family time. The iPod shuffle gods were smiling, sometimes the shuffle works well. Matisyahu-Live at Stubbs; Nigeria 70s Lagos Jump; Postal Service-Give Up; more and more. Champagne. PBR. Bad coffee. Rum & Coke. Pina Coladas. Bad food. Chips & pico and hot sauce. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell- Tucker Max (picked this up spur of the moment in the airport as it looked like a funny beach read...sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes I can’t believe I paid money for this...I would really not recommend it…can’t believe it was on the NYT bestseller list…just trying to finish it so I can move on to better books.)

Memories: Thrift shopping ($1/paper grocery bag!!) in high school with friends (trench coats, lace gloves, old jewelry) - this memory brought on by listening to Prince and Frankie Goes to Hollywood one morning on the iPod shuffle. Missed my grandparents and thought a lot about Paul’s mom.
Dreams: Complex, intense, but no memory of details.
Desires: A house on the Venetian Causeway on the way to Miami Beach. A Prada bag - can't help myself. To be in as good of shape as I was a year ago (I am having to get into a bikini for the first time in a year without really exercising…sigh). Continue working out my insecurities. 

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