Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Week on My Scenic Byway: Dec 13-19

Scenes: House cleaning. Christmas tree trimming. Gift shopping. Snow. Ill. Cooking. Baking. Holiday brunch with friends and neighbors.
Ingesting: Holiday music on Pandora. Oh Pandora I love you! Grilled cheese sandwiches using our new sandwich press; strong coffee using our new coffee maker - Merry Christmas to us! See's chocolates...why oh why does Paul bring these home when he knows I have no self control. Old episodes of Arrested Development - I still think this was one of the funniest tv shows of all time.
Loving: AllRecipes.Com DinnerSpinner Pro iPhone application. Grist - one of my favorite environmental websites. True American Dog - this blog is whacked. Salmonella DubGayngs.

Memories: My old house in Takoma Park.
Intrigues: Mark Zuckerman and the phenomenon that has become Facebook (60 minutes interview; Time's Man of the Year, etc.).
Desires: Fast and painless healing for my father in law and my sister in law Lisa. Get to the gym. To see a lot of movies at the Sundance film festival this year (January) because now it is in my backyard.

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