Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flying into Miami

We flew into Miami two weeks ago when we went to Miami Beach Art Basel. I snapped a few photos on my iPhone flying in. It is a pretty landing.

Flying into Miami
I did enjoy the weather in Miami and I kind of have a fantasy about a house on the Venetian Causeway, but overall I think Florida is a freaky place. I haven't spent much time there, so that probably isn't fair for me to say. However, I think a lot of people agree with me. Why is that? The news, the stories, the way Florida is portrayed in television, movies, and books. I've read some of those Carl Hiaasen books. Admit it - freaky people live in Florida - more so than many other places, and freaky things happen in Florida. I am not saying it is the only freaky state in the union, but it is up there on the list. Just Google "florida is weird" and see what you get. Lots of wacky stuff. But I think Florida likes it that way. And so do all you wacky Floridians. You all are a big bunch of crazy, aren't you? At least its not boring...

Florida for me is memories of going to Disney World, Sea World and some crazy alligator farm as a kid. I was obsessed with, but never got to visit, Weeki Wachee. I can't believe it is still around. Guess I could still go now. Florida also makes me think of Dexter. I love that show.

Speaking of Florida, you know what a random air stewardess working for Delta said to me? It was a flight from Accra to Atlanta. I was returning from Liberia and was stretching my legs in the back and she started talking to me. She was telling me about working for Delta and flying the routes between NY and Nigeria and NY and Accra. This is what she said to me - this is almost exact (its been a few weeks so I forget the exact words). "The people in Ghana are really nice. The people in Nigeria are very high maintenance. We joke that working the NYC to Lagos route is just like working the NYC to Miami route." She went on to pretty much say that the NYC to Miami route is full of high maintenance NYC Jews and that the Nigerians were just as much a pain in the ass, just with different skin color. She said this. She was funny - it was like a bad comedy routine - but I was kind of in shock. She doesn't know me. What if I were Jewish or had Nigerian family or whatever and was deeply offended by her statements? I understand work griping, and the NYC to Miami route and the one to Nigeria probably are high maintenance, but I am not so sure airline staff should be whipping out stereotypes in casual conversation to strangers. It just doesn't seem like a good idea. Take note Delta.

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  1. Great pics! I used to live in Florida over on the Gulf side years ago. Loved it for the most part, but wow, in the summer the humidity is almost unbearable. ( And yeah, there are some freaky peeps there, I think because it is such a bigger melting pot state as compared to other states in the Union. ) vive la différence !