Monday, December 27, 2010

Last Week on My Scenic Byway: Dec 20-26

Scenes: Christmas shopping. Vet visits. Beautiful snow. Lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice (once in a lifetime!). Celebrating Christmas eve and day with family. Opening presents. Hiking Neff's Canyon alone.
Ingesting: Leftovers. Way too many holiday sweets and food in general. More holiday music on Pandora and XM radio. 
Loving: My family. The Christmas tree ornaments my talented cousin Jyl made me from our grandparents' old dining room chandelier - thanks Jyl, you rock! A History of Rap (Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake)Joke product reviews on Amazon - this opens up a whole new world of funny to me. More end of the year lists reporting on cool things in 2010. Nortec - Tengo La Voz (thanks Virginia :)

Memories: My wonderful grandparents. I miss them at Christmas and always. My Nana's cookies and her laugh and her touch. My wild west trip at this time last year with Paul, including my first Christmas with his beautiful family and my first trip to visit his Pioneertown desert world and our beautiful desert land.
Intrigues: What is going to happen at this time in 2012? What is in store for the Sundance Film Festival this year?
Desires: To go skiing soon. A vacation next year to visit friends in Jerusalem (Brian) and Beirut (Sam). For 2011 to be a better year for all, but especially for a few friends who have had a really, really tough and painful (let's just come right out and say it - shitty) year. I won't put the spotlight on you - you all know who you are - xoxo. I KNOW next year is going to be better.

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