Wednesday, December 8, 2010

People at the Beach

In addition to laying in the sun and staring at the ocean and the sky, reading trashy novels, playing bingo by the pool, and drinking sweet drinks you would never drink at home, what is a beach vacation without celebrity gossip magazines? I buy all of them in the airport on the way to my beach vacation destination. Having just read 2 People, 2 Us, and 1 Entertainment magazines here at the beach, some ponderings:
  • I have always really liked Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. But man I can’t stand their kids.
  • Do you think Katie Holmes really loves Tom Cruise or is she trapped in some weird Scientology scheme? But that little Suri sure is a cute kid. Will she be able to escape her father when she is older?
  • Jennifer Lopez looks happy. I think what’s his name was probably a better move than Ben Affleck.
  • Justin Bieber. How can you take him seriously?
  • Bono has two teenage daughters? I wish Bono was my dad. I bet I would have a sweet life.
  • I am so tired of hearing about Jessica Simpson, the Kardashians, the Gosselins, Nick Lachey, Tori Spelling. Sigh. Can't you find anything to write about for real celebrities?
  • I like Russell Brand.
  • I don’t like this Blake Lively…and I have never even seen her on tv. Just from reading the magazines, I don’t like her.
  • I refuse to watch Two and a Half Men because I cannot support Charlie Sheen as he is a pig and is paid far too much money.
  • David Hasselhoff has a reality tv series! I kind of want to see it. I can’t think of him without recalling the video I saw on line several years ago where he is wasted drunk on the floor eating a cheeseburger, being recorded by his young daughter who is pleading with him to stop drinking. Train wreck with a capital T.
  • I am so not surprised Christina Aguilera left that frumpy, dumpy Jordan guy. Come on, you knew that was not going to last. She is too young and too hot. And poor Eva Longoria…did she really think that her marriage was going to last? To a much younger, hot basketball player?
  • I like that Kate Middleton. Prince William better hurry up and get married because what ever attractive genes he got from his mom are unfortunately starting to fade pretty quickly as he ages.
  • I do not get the attraction of A-Rod. And David Arquette was always annoying, but he is more annoying since he left Courtney Cox. I do not care who Ryan Seacrest is dating.
  • I keep hearing about this Demi Lovato and I have no idea who she is.
  • Has Halle finally found true love? I hope so.
  • “Stars in Shorts!” – I love this headline. Especially the use of the exclamation point. So exciting!
  • There has been a zombie tv series on AMC since Halloween and I did not know about this??

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