Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yosemite - Winter Wonderland

A year ago I was living in Takoma Park, MD (DC area) and I traveled out west with Paul over the holidays. We flew into San Francisco and visited some friends, then drove up to Muir Woods. In fact a year ago today we were in Muir Woods. It was chilly and drizzly, but beautiful, and I was crying because it was that beautiful. It was my first visit. I shared a little of that experience in an earlier entry entitled 14. A few days later we headed east to visit another friend who lives outside of Yosemite National Park. That was again my first visit. I had always wanted to see Yosemite - one of our great National parks - thank you John Muir (who by the way was also the man behind Muir Woods).

Yosemite had just received a beautiful snow. We put chains on the tires of our rental and we were able to drive into part of the park - much of it is closed down by this time of the year with no access. It was a beautiful scene - like a winter wonderland. Much like it is here today in Salt Lake with a beautiful snowfall that started overnight.

Here are some of my favorite scenes from that visit to Yosemite a year ago. Paul took most of these photos, but I think I took a few of them. That was the trip where I first started borrowing Paul's camera to take photos (before I got my own earlier this year - birthday present from Paul).

Have you ever visited Yosemite? What did you think?

Happy Winter!

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